Ask God today to help you make “straight” anything that is “crooked” in your life. Sin separates us from God and disrupts our fellowship with Him and that is when we usually get into the greatest times of trouble, despair, and discouragement. Life is sometimes a winding, hilly, crooked and uneven long road and we’re just meant to “hang in there” until the circumstances change or straighten themselves out. But most of the time, our crooked and winding roads are of our own doing. Gods says this in Isaiah 45:2- “I will go before you and I will make your crooked places straight”. When the road gets sideways, crooked, and full of potholes, go to the one person you know that can smooth out the highway and make it straight again. Life does not always go according to our plans but if we have faith, trust in God and are trying to follow His plans, then we know life is going according to His plans. 

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