The Blessing

And Mary treasured and pondered in Her heart all that the Angel of the Lord told her. She believed God and God made The Promise come to pass. God used Mary to bring His Son into the world. Mary had faith and God blessed her for it. God is always looking for people to use for His Kingdom, purposes, and plans. As a matter of fact that is why he created mankind. To have a relationship with us and to have us love the same things He loves. To live out our lives in His image. Mary trusted God and God bore Jesus through her womb. Not only that but Mary pondered, thought about, and treasured in her heart all that God had done through her. Do we take time and reflect on all God’s daily Blessings or are we just too busy doing life? Truth is we probably do a little of both. But Mary got it right. She had faith, she trusted, and she was obedient to God. And most importantly after God’s plan came to pass, she pondered, treasured and thanked God for “The Blessing”.

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