New Year! New Plan! New You!

The new year is a perfect time to pack up some old stuff in the past and break out some newer healthier lifestyle choices for the future. Its all about living a better, happier, wiser, purposed and more fulfilled life. God says He has a plan for your life and its a really awesome plan. His plan for you and me consists of a few choices we must make though.

1.) We must read The Bible on a consistent basis and get as much wisdom and knowledge from it as we can.

2.) We must have a regular prayer life with God. We must be in constant communication with Him.

3.) We must be obedient to what He tells us to do. We cannot live a double life and expect God to bless us. He won’t do it and He can’t do it because He knows eventually its going to hurt us.

4.) We must commit our entire lives to Him; His purposes, His ways, and His thoughts.

5.) We must take action on what we learn from His Word, our prayer time, and His guidance and direction He gives us through the Holy Spirit. God will control as much of our lives as we allow Him to. We must also be very good listeners.

We must listen to God through our Prayers, The Holy Spirit, which lives inside of all believers, our circumstances and situations, and people that God decides to put in our paths. (And He doesn’t always use believers to make his point…) No matter how old or young you are, God can use you in extraordinary ways. It will take discipline, obedience, courage, willingness, risk and some of your time to make it happen though. Want a life change? Need some new inspiration? New direction? A new life plan? Or have you just made a mess out of your life? Its never too late with God. And there’s no mess too big for God to help you clean up. Maybe you’ve drifted a bit and your life’s off course. Maybe your prayer life isn’t what it used to be. Don’t just read this today and move on. Read this today and you and God take some action together. Remember, our God is a God of Grace and Mercy. He heals the sick, the sinner, the lonely, and the brokenhearted. Is that you? Do you feel guilty and ashamed of something you’ve done? Dealing with an illness or death of a loved one? Carrying around some baggage you can’t seem to get rid of? Finances tight? Feel like you’re at a dead end job? Feel lonely, tired and abandoned? Worries, doubts and fears continue to take your mind hostage each day? Don’t feel purposed, focused or fulfilled? Or is everything going ok but you just feel like something inside of you is missing… something is just not right. Life has a way of throwing us around sometimes like little china dolls. Up and down and all over the place! And we don’t always make the right choices and that sometimes causes us a lot of pain, grief and regrets. God knows we’re going to go through some tough times and challenges but He does not expect us to stay in these situations forever. He wants us to call on Him for help. Then He wants us to trust Him, wait on Him, and believe He is going to see us through whatever we are going through. God can change your circumstances in a blink of an eye. Let God unlock the chains and release you of some of the bondage you live in from day to day. God has the keys and He will set us free if we only dare to ask. God has an Awesome plan for your life but its up to you to take some action. He’s ready when you are!

God is waiting and ready for you to come to Him. He has been calling you for a long time. Don’t miss His incredible life-changing opportunity.

Do it today! Do it now! In Jeremiah 29:11, Gods says this to you and me: For I know the plans I have for you, declares The Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a good future. Start living the “abundant life” life today.

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