Worry Less… Happy More

Worry… Where does it come from? We all worry at times and some people worry more than others. We worry about our finances, our families, our jobs, our health, our relationships, our futures and basically everything else in the world too long to list. Worry comes from our minds. It starts there and then spreads to our thinking, our bodies, and our decision making. It can lead to extreme anxiety and eventually mental or physical illness. The good news is that we can manage and control what we worry about. We decide how it will play out in our lives. Is it going to take root, take control, and capture and dominate our thinking each day or are we going to seize control, evaluate the seriousness of it, and then decide what action to take? 95 to 97% of things we worry about never come to fruition. That’s right. It never happens. Lets all try really hard in the future to only deal with the worry and stresses that are real and need solutions. Everything else, just let it go. It will require action on our part though. Next time you start to worry about something ask yourself this question; Is it a real threat? Is it something that I should consider worrying about? If there’s an issue, what is the solution? Worrying drains our minds, bodies and spirits. Lets “think about” what we keep “worrying about”. If we don’t manage our minds, our minds will manage us. If we will capture our thoughts we can capture our worries. God says this in Matthew 6:34 about “Worry”; Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. God also tells us in Matthew 6:25 ; therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink or what you will wear on your body. God says; do not worry. I think what He was trying to tell us was this; don’t worry about the small stuff. Monitor your worries. Make it a “life goal” to worry less. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Here’s the bottom line; Eliminate Worry. Create more Happiness!

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