Stand Out

I heard a young lady in high school last night give her testimony on her faith. It made an impact on me and hopefully all the kids that were there. Her point was that she made up her mind that she wasn’t going to follow the “in crowd” and that she was forming her own personality and character by following Christ. She was going to let The Lord shape her and mold her into the person He desired her to be, not what the world or her friends thought she ought to be. She had committed her life to Christ and that was who she was going to live for. She was spot on. Either you will live your life based on what others think of you, or by worldly standards, or just trying to be popular and fit in everywhere you go, or you can follow Christ. Galatians 1:10 asks the question- “For am I now seeking the favor of people or am I seeking the favor of God?” So the question we must constantly ask ourselves is this; no matter your age; are you truly following Christ, or are you following the world? According to The Word, you’re doing one or the other, or you’re doing a little of both. Maybe its time to get serious with the question… Am I truly living for Christ? Are you sold out to The Lord? Have you decided and committed to be different from everyone else? Do you think, act, and do things differently than everyone else? If you’re truly following Christ, your life will reflect Christ. You will stand out. You will be different. You will be a light and a beacon of hope for others. You will not be doing what the in crowds are doing. You will try to live a life of love, good character, service, forgiveness, kindness and humility. Are you living for The Lord? If not, start today. God always meets us where we are as long as we’re willing to pick up our crosses and follow Him. Do it now! You’ll be glad you did. If you need to commit or recommit your life to Jesus Christ to get back on track or to start your faith Journey with God just click our tab on the Home Page that says- “Accept Christ” and say the prayer to God. He will do the rest. Your life will forever be changed for your good and His Glory

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