Greatest Gift Of All

Do we love God for who He is or do we love God for what He can do for us? Where is our heart? Is our heart bent towards gifts, blessings, and possessions from God? Or is our heart thankful for what He has already done- brought Jesus to earth, died on the Cross, and gave us the gift of forgiveness for our sins. God has already given us the greatest gift He could ever give us- The forgiveness of our sins, and The FREE gift of eternal life. Each day, we should stay focused and extremely grateful for those 2 gifts and if anything else comes our way in the form of blessings we should let that just be icing on the cake. Let’s live life knowing we have already received the greatest offering, gift and blessing we could ever receive- The gift of Jesus and the gift of eternal life. Anything else is just an added blessing from God for our obedience, faith, and His love for us.

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