Do you see your obstacles, challenges and even opportunities as giants to conquer or do you see them as giants already conquered?
There’s a BIG difference. One way is seeing how BIG your God is and another way is looking at how SMALL your own strength is.
If you try to do things in your own strength, it’s a lot harder, takes longer, and it always looks bigger than it really is. But if you look at things through the Eyes of God, our challenges and difficulties will become a lot more manageable and attainable. We can see the victory in the near future. In the Bible, the Israelite spy’s went into the promise land to see how big and how many enemies they were going to have to fight to take the promise Land God had promised to them. But they forgot one really important thing along the way; The Promise.

God promised them and all their families all the land they could put their feet on but they would have to trust Him and have faith in Him to capture it because other tribes had already claimed it at the time. The Israelites picked spies among themselves to go in and check out the enemy they would have to defeat in order to take the Land. Half of the spies saw their enemies as giants. But Joshua (God’s chosen leader) and Caleb saw the enemy as just a obstacle to take the Land. They put God first and foremost in the equation. Their faith, trust, and confidence knew God would go before them to fight the battle. God would be their front and rear Guard. Doubt paralyses us. Fear cripples us. Unbelief stymies us.

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