Open The Door

Every man or woman will have times when God knocks on the door of their soul. It could be a hard knock or it may be a gentle knock. But God will come knocking and the key to the knocking is that we all open the door. At the door will be Jesus Christ offering the free gift of salvation and freedom. Freedom from sin, bondage and eventual death. But God only gives a man so much time! He only knocks so many times, and if He continue to ignore His calling, He says He will dust off the sand on His sandals and go knocking on other doors of those that will open. God never knocks continuously for anyone. He does not impose His will on anyone at anytime. But He will make His Will be known sometimes through various trials, troubles and challenges. Just ask Abraham, Jonah, Paul, Job, Noah, and Moses. When God comes knocking, open the door to Jesus Christ. You never know when it will be the last invitation from God to accept Christ, be forgiven of your sins, and get the free gift of eternal life.The good news though is that God is a very patient God, He loves you and me, and He wants nothing more for every person that He created to accept His call of salvation. If the door to your soul over time has made you bitter, callous, and hard, that’s ok too. He can knock that door down too and open it up to joy, peace, light, and hope. God knocks on every kind of door. No door is too hard for Him. Just make sure that when you hear the knock (and you will) that you open the door! It will open you up to a freedom you’ve never experienced! Today, close the door to all types of bondage, sin, depression and fear and open the door to a new found freedom, confidence, joy, peace and The Free gift of eternal life with God. Open the door and accept the FREE gift of Jesus Christ Today. Start living the extraordinary life today!

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