By God’s Grace

We should always remember that if it were not by God’s Grace, we would be in a really bad place. We would do things we shouldn’t, say things we shouldn’t, and think a lot of things we shouldn’t. Sometimes we do all those things anyway but through God’s Word, His guidance and the Holy Spirit we at least have a boundary inside that says, don’t do this. Stop, wait and think about the consequences! But God says that it’s nothing we have done. It is all about what He has done and provided for us. It is God’s grace on us, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit convicting us when we are heading in the wrong direction. But if you are not a believer, you don’t have that same protection. You strictly have to rely on your conscious and your feelings. Those 2 things unguarded can get us all into lots of trouble. Let’s all remember when someone falls from grace whether it’s a pro athlete, business leader, pastor, or family member, we could be in that same situation without God’s daily protection, wisdom and His bountiful Grace. Whenever someone falls from Grace, we should lift them up to the Father and founder of Grace. Amazing Grace! 

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