Spend More Time With God

What will calm an anxious spirit? What will satisfy a restless soul? What will make an evil heart pure? What will give peace to a worried, insecure and fearful mind? Only God can. Quiet time with just you and God is the only thing that has the power to calm our spirits, give our souls rest, cleanse our hearts, and quiet our minds. Our daily personal relationship with God is our most important asset we have. Its a busy and hectic life that throws all these things at us each day and thats just the way life is. God created us to be able to handle most things day to day but He did design us to love Him, serve Him, and communicate with Him on a daily basis.

Why? To help us navigate through all of life’s “stuff” that comes at us each day. Jesus put it this way in John 10:10; “The devil comes only to steal, kill, and destroy but I have come that you may have an abundant rich life.” Jesus would wake up early in the mornings and spend quiet time in prayer with God to prepare Himself for the day. He also would leave the crowds at night and go off and pray and spend quiet time with His Father. That was His “Sacred Time”. It comforted Him, gave Him clarity, and gave Him strength to keep moving on towards His purpose and goal in life. And finally, here is what Jesus says He will provide to all those who call on Him. John 14:27 says; “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” Our quiet time with “The Father” needs to be as common as eating, going to work, watching TV or playing on our computers. Want more peace? More clarity? More strength? More wisdom? More direction? Spend more time with God. It really is that simple. Its a promise. 

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