Complacency is part of life but it’s a dangerous part. The definition of complacency is the feeling of pleasure or security and not being aware of possible danger. Content, self satisfaction, a self confidence which hinders you from doing a better job or striving to be better. It’s really a dangerous place to be. We can be complacent in our marriages, families, relationships, careers, our relationship with God, and on and on. It happens to us all and it seems like it happens to us when we have been doing the same thing over long periods of time. We all get bored, tired, and content with our lives at times. We get displaced, uninspired, and sometimes we even get out of reality. We must always do a check and balance in our lives to make sure we are not in a dangerous place. Another good check is to ask ourselves is there anything or anybody in life that we are taking for granted. We all take things for granted at times but sometimes we allow it to go on for long periods of time and never correct it until it corrects itself and then it’s too late. Don’t live a complacent, self absorbed and self confident life. It will eventually take you down. Live a life of service, helping others and encouraging others. Always build up those close to you and point them to Jesus Christ. Put God first in your life and let Him transform your life into the life He has prepared for you from the beginning. In closing, don’t live foolishly. Be aware of your surroundings, relationships, and situations. Always know where you stand and evaluate the most important things in your life that are closest to you and take care of them, appreciate them, and encourage them. Don’t ever put your life on autopilot. You will eventually run out of gas. Always be examining, tweaking and servicing your life for the better. Know where you stand or you will eventually fall. Be wise as an owl and sharp as a knife. Evaluate all the different areas of your life from time to time and always try to make things better for those around you.

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