Top Priority

The measure of our true love and real need for God will be measured by the amount of time we invest in Him. Every close relationship requires an investment in time. The more you put in it, the better the relationship will be. Our relationship with God is no different. As a matter of fact, we ought to put God first as far as time, meditating, and learning goes. God teaches us, guides us, directs us, comforts us, and heals us. Spend time each day with God and let Him help you do life. Start off your mornings with prayer, think about Him all during the day, and end your day thanking and praising Him for all the many good things He did for you. God is your father, your best friend, and you can depend on Him in every situation. Build a strong relationship with Him and your are building a rock solid foundation for life. The best investment in time and the greatest returns and dividends on that investment is a daily, active, continual relationship with God. Seek Him for answers to problems, encouragement, direction, forgiveness, and wisdom. God says He will answer all those that call on Him and He will tell us things we did not already know. Invest in God and get a great return. Peace, Joy, happiness, rest, love, contentment, courage, wisdom, patience, direction, refreshed and a renewed strength are all coming! Maybe you’ve slacked off. Maybe life has been extremely busy. ┬áMaybe you don’t know God or Jesus Christ. Make God a priority today. Remember, in any relationship, you get back what you put into it. The most important thing in a believer’s life is His quiet time and prayer life spent with Him each day. Consistent, continual, and #1 priority. We cannot live a Godly life without constantly being connected with God daily through prayer, quiet time, and meditation. Do you have a bold, constant, and consistent prayer life or is it whenever you get a chance, a moment or just working Him in when you need Him. An investment of time each day with God will return huge profits. Make God an everyday priority. Start off with Him and end your day with Him. He is always there for us to talk to, seek encouragement, lean on, love, and guide us each day through life’s long and sometimes very winding roads. Do it now. Make God first. Make Him your #1 priority. Make Him the most important person in your life!

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