Don’t Water Down God’s Word

Don’t water down the Word of God. It is easy sometimes to twist His Word to make it fit comfortably into our circumstances and situations. It’s also easy to rationalize God’s Word and say; that was written a long time ago and a lot has changed since then. It needs to be updated for today’s world. But saying that means that God doesn’t know what He is doing. So if God doesn’t know what He is doing, how can you trust Him with anything? God knows exactly what He is doing. Most of the time, it is us that don’t know what we are doing. God’s Word is crystal clear on how He wants us to live our lives. The thing that is not so clear is whether we are going to follow it or not. Are you going to be in? If so, you have to be all in. You can’t believe some and not believe other parts. Either believe it is Gods infallible Word or its not. Don’t choose the parts you like so it fits into your lifestyle. It was not written for that purpose. God’s Word is written for us to rebuke, challenge, confront, advise us on many of life’s hardest questions and answers. God’s Word directs, guides, and helps us navigate through the deepest of troubled waters or just the small everyday decisions we have to make. God’s Word is a believer’s compass. And Just like a boat captain’s compass, if he goes off course just a little and doesn’t follow the directions completely, it could spell disaster. A compass is meant to direct you in the exact direction of a location. Question or mess with the coordinates and you will find yourself lost at sea. Same thing with an airplane. Pilots can fly a plane with instruments. That means they can fly above the clouds and the the pilot knows exactly where they are by his instruments that are guiding him. He can’t see the ground so he trusts his instruments to be exact. One very small miscalculation by the pilot, and the plane could crash to the ground. We all use GPS navigation systems now to tell us where the exact location is of places we are trying to find. Put in your current location, then put in your desired destination and it will tell you exactly where to go, and how much time it will take you to get there. One missed or wrong turn and you are automatically off course. But follow it precisely, and it will take you straight to your destination. God’s Word is like the compass, the pilot instruments and the GPS navigation system. It is direct, precise, and always right. God’s Word is meant to keep us safe, guide us and direct us and give us wisdom and knowledge in making good, sound, and wise choices. Don’t water down God’s Word. Remember, God is not interested in following our directions. He is interested in us following His precise, direct, and good plans, directions and ways. Read Gods Word, do what it says, and live an extraordinary life. There is nothing else like it!

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