Intentional Living

We should always try to be very intentional with our lives. Our relationship with God should be the first thing on that list. Put God First and everything will flow up from there. Put His ways first; His thoughts, His Word, And His Wisdom. Write things down and record what He does in your life. Its extremely important to write down your convictions, your goals, and your intentions. Keep a journal of your life. The devil is always dangling negative, lying, and false scenarios in front of us in order to get us out of the Will of God. Satan never stops tempting us with lies, falsehoods and deception. We must live an intentionally purposed and focused life with God firmly in the center. If you find yourself right now kinda living up and down, all over the place, and very insecure, it might be time to look at your life. Are you down? Depressed? Little hope? Just not happy? No true joy? Put God first and live intentionally through Him.

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