Invest In Your Eternal Future

We all live for security. We make investments to hopefully have a better future. It’s all about making the right investments when we are young so we can live better and live more comfortably in the future. From the time we’re born, life points to the future. But what investments are we making in our eternal futures? What does God say about the future? What does His Word say about the future? Romans 14:11 says; “It is written says The Lord, every knee will bow before me; every tongue will confess to Me and give Me praise.” Hebrews 9;27 says; “And just as each person is destined to die by God, and after that comes the Judgement.” God is saying that every single human being (that He created whether they believe it or not) is going to bow before Him and give an account of their life to Him and from that point God will decide what each of our eternal lives will look like. Yes, from that point forward we have no more say. It’s too late. No more self will. No more thinking and trying to be the boss of our own destiny. No more of the popular Frank Sinatra song, I Did It My Way. God will be in absolute 100% control of your eternal destiny at death according to His Word. What are you doing now to be secure about your divine eternal destiny? Your divine appointment with God? Have you intentionally accepted God’s Son Jesus Christ as Your Savior? Are you living daily for The Lord? Do you have a personal relationship with God? Reading your Bible regularly? If not, start investing some time in your eternal destiny today. It’s coming to all of us and no one knows when that exact time is. Be wise. Be intentional. Be Safe. Invest in God and God promises He will invest in you. What an awesome promise. Do it now.

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