Get God’s Best

God expects us to be obedient. He does not expect perfection but He does expect us to fight to do the right things. He expects us not to just give in to sin. God’s word tells how how He wants us to live our lives. God’s word gives us His purpose, plan, and guidelines to living the christian life. If you know The Word, you can live the life. Read God’s Word regularly and you will discover His Will, plan and purpose for your life. Don’t know God’s Word? Never really picked up and read much of The Bible? It’s impossible to please God and live the life God has called you to live without knowledge of His Word. Read God’s Word and you will know how God intended you to live your life. Don’t read God’s Word and the world will teach you how to live your life. Jesus said this about the “World”. The World hated me and it will also hate you. Jesus was saying that the world is opposed to Truth and Christianity and that it acts the exact opposite of How God asks us to live. Live for God. Live for His purpose. Live for His plan. Live for the FREE GIFT of spending eternity with Him. Read The Word and live the life. Do it Now!

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