Christ In Your Life

A human’s spirit will always be bent towards his or her own will, ambitions and plans. Without Jesus Christ in one’s life, they will generally be self centered, selfish and stingy. God had His Son Jesus Christ come to earth for two purposes. To save us from ourselves and an eternal destiny to hell (hell on earth and hell in the after life).

Test your spirit without Christ in it and if you are honest with yourself, there’s not a lot of good, nurturing, and positive stuff going on. It’s all about me, myself and I. God created you and I to serve others, put Him first, and follows His will, plans, and ways. If you’re not doing that, your life will never make sense. We can’t buy, create, or have true peace and joy on our own. We were all created for God’s purpose and plans and the quicker we all figure that out the better and more content our lives will be.

Find God and find joy and eternal life with Him now and forever more.

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