Be A Peacemaker

God requires us to keep a heart that is compassionate, forgiving, and full of grace and mercy. When people do you wrong, don’t do them wrong back. As a matter of fact, continue to be kind to them. You don’t have to be best friends but when you encounter difficult people, keep your calm, your peace and most importantly keep your head. Be a good judge of whether it’s constructive criticism or just mean and hateful criticism. Don’t just blow off all criticism because the one criticizing may be correct. Wise people learn to evaluate criticism. But they also learn to adapt and react to critical people. They learn to hold their tongues, their patience, and their tempers. A heated, loud, and angry debate normally does not end well and just leaves behind hurt feelings and anger. Be the bigger person. Be a peacemaker. Be the person who doesn’t have to be right every time. Be the person that is slow to speak, slow to get angry, and slow to fly off the handle. Whatever the situation, be the calm, peaceful, and patient person. Sometimes the other person just needs to spew out their anger, madness, and bitter feelings. You’re just the right person at the right place at the right time. It’s hard not to go back at others when they are mean to us but it’s the right thing to do. Practice being nice to people that aren’t that nice to you. Learn to hold your tongue and be the person that doesn’t have to have the last word. Be the bigger person. Be the patient person. Be the wise person. And be the person God would want you to be. Afterwards, if we do the right thing, God will bless us for it and we will not lose our joy, peace, and happiness. Be a peacemaker. You will either be a person that breaks peace or a person that makes peace. Learn to be a peacemaker in every situation you face.

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