Live For God

We all have life experiences. Sometimes our lives are good and sometimes our lives get stressful. When life is good, we tend to put God on a shelf and just kind of talk to Him in passing. But when life gets stressful we take God back off the shelf and start praying more and maybe even reading our Bibles a little more. But I have often wondered, what if a lot of these stresses, challenges, and difficulties are actually caused by us living a Hot/Cold relationship with God. Doing our own thing. Making our own decisions. Just Doing what feels good, feels right and doing it now. We all do it but that’s not the way God designed us to live. When Christ was on earth, He talked about spending time with God in prayer early in the morning and then again later in the evening. He told us that He stayed in daily contact with His father for renewed strength, direction, and encouragement. God wants us to do life with Him regularly. He knows life is going to punch us sometimes but He also knows that we are also bent towards sin and doing our own thing. 

When we do our own thing, we are going to get in trouble and we are going to stray from Him. God wants us to stay close to Him and He wants us to be in a consistent daily relationship with Him. He wants to guide us, comfort us, encourage us, and most importantly help us do life the way He designed and created it to be. Staying close to God will give us all a better chance to stay connected to His purpose and will for our lives.

In the morning before you get busy give Him some time. Mid afternoon, check in with Him and just think about how your day has been going so far. And finally, later in the evening, get quiet, reflect on your day, and just give Him thanks and glory for all He did for you that day. Just talk to Him about all the “day’s events”. The good, the bad and sometimes the ugly. Be honest, humble and unafraid to give it all to Him. We all face challenges and make important decisions every day and those decisions do shape and guide our futures. Jesus said this about staying connected to God in John 4;15- “Live in me and I will live in you. A branch cannot produce any fruit by itself. It has to stay attached to the vine. In the same way you cannot produce much good fruit unless you live in me.” Stay close to God and God will stay close to you. What kind of life are you living? Living for yourself? Living for others? Or are you living for God? Don’t know? Choose God today and start living the “extraordinary Life” He has for you. DO IT NOW! Need to accept Christ or just recommit? Click on the “Accept Christ” tab on our homepage and just say that simple prayer back to God. It only takes seconds to get eternity with Christ. Do it now.

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