God’s Amazing Power

Get real with God and God will get real with you. God is always looking for people who want to have a serious relationship with Him. He wants His creations to depend on Him, trust Him, and look for His leading to guide them. If you’re kinda playing around with your relationship with God, don’t expect much. As a matter of fact, you can expect some chaos, aggravation, bad decisions, guilt, isolation, depression, worries, doubts, fears, loneliness and no peace. God created us for a close relationship with Him. Be honest with yourself today and give yourself an evaluation. Are you cold, luke warm, or hot with your relationship with God? Be truthful. Like any other relationship, whatever time you are investing with God, expect those results. God can do incredible things through a person who is totally sold out and focused on Him. Not spending the time you know you need with God? Make a change today! God has some really awesome ideas He wants to share with you about His purposes and your life and how they connect. Kick start your relationship today! God is ready when you are! Do it Now!

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