One Day At A Time

I was on the beach late one afternoon and the tide was coming in. Little by little it kept creeping up to where I was sitting. I moved my chair and bag 3 times but it kept coming towards me. I found myself getting very agitated and angry. The tide just kept pushing the ocean more and more towards me. Finally, I picked up my things and moved all the way back to the dunes. I was safe there. But I started thinking about the tide not only moving me physically but moving me emotionally. It felt a lot like life. Everyday life moves us around, up and down, and all over the place at times. No matter what we do, we can’t stop life from happening. Sometimes we feel on top of the world and other times we feel totally defeated (whether we acknowledge it or not). Everyday life comes at all of us at different angles. The best thing we can do is just move with it. Pick our battles, don’t sweat the small stuff and deal with only the big things. Don’t let life push you around. Each day, we should ask God for patience, help, guidance, and wisdom. Lets try to do life “one day at a time”. 
In Matthew 6:34, God reminds us of how He wants us to do life. God says, do not worry about Tomorrow, for Tomorrow will bring enough worries of its own. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Just like the tides are always coming in and going out, so is life. Let’s all try to do a better job of moving back and fourth with life’s constant flow. God created us to ebb and flow. He created us to handle the ups and downs of life. Let’s trust Him today and thank Him for being there when we need Him the most.

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