Focus On The One

It’s a good thing to get together with God several times a year and just get really quiet and reflect on where you are. It is important for us all to keep up with our spiritual growth and personal growth. Everyone should have goals and we should be keeping up with how our lives are tracking. It’s so easy to get off track, find ourselves feeling depressed and discouraged because we had our lives on auto pilot. When you live a focused and purposed driven life, it’s easy to get off course at times and find yourself drifting in other directions. It is a very intentional and disciplined life and you must stay focused on the goal and focused on the “One” who can help you get there and stay there. We should all have a daily quiet time and prayer time with God but also we should have periods where we just go off somewhere quiet, read The Word, reflect on where we are, and be quiet with God and let Him speak to us truthfully and reveal things to us that we need to correct or change. It’s always a good thing to intentionally go to God and reflect, focus, and purposely ask Him to reveal “His truths” to us. He does have a unique plan for all of us and it does require intentional discipline to know what the plans are, to take action on them, and to also be open to Him wanting to change the direction or course of our lives at any time.

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