Nothing Is Too Big For God

Nothing is too big for God. He has seen it all, heard it all, and experienced it all. You can’t surprise Him, shock Him, or overwhelm Him. He already knows what you have done, what you will do today and what you will do in the future. He says He knows the exact number of hairs on your head. He created you, designed you uniquely, and planned out your life. God is in the business of restoration. Restoration from sin, bondage, and depravity. God can take anything and make it new, good, and Holy. He renews, refreshes and cleanses our hearts, souls, and spirit. He is king of “extreme makeovers”. He makes us over, provides new directions, and wipes our slates clean when we turn to Him for repentance, acceptance and deliverance. He is always loving, forgiving, purifying and transforming. No problem, challenge, situation or circumstance is too big for God. He desires our worries, cares, trials, concerns and fears. All He wants is for everyone to rely, confide and trust in Him and His Son Jesus Christ. He makes it really simple; surrender. Surrender to Him, surrender to His Son Jesus Christ, and surrender to His plans, ways and will for your life He has for you. There is no hole too deep, no problem too difficult, and no mountain too high to climb. He restores, corrects, and makes paths straight that we have made crooked. He is the redeemer, creator, and the director of life and everything in it. He is control, in control, and controlling it all. God is great, mighty, majestic and all powerful. Don’t believe it? Read the Word, ask any believer or try it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. Spend some time with God today!

Maybe you need a little help. Maybe you just need some encouragement or maybe you have drifted away from Him a little. Or maybe you need a complete restoration. A complete makeover. Whatever it is, He is always ready and able to do the supernatural healing that only He can do. He can heal the spirit, soul, mind and body with a blink of an eye. He heals the “brokenhearted” as quick as you can say healed. He is the head physician of all things. Surrender means submit, let go, and give in. Go in to Him today! Give it up and give it all up! Go Now. Don’t wait. Surrender it all and He will deliver you all.

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