Quiet Time

It seems like we live above the water all the time. Life is loud, fast, and always pulling on us. But right beneath the water is silence. You could literally hear a pin drop. Above the water a raging hurricane could be passing by but right below, dead silence. We all need quiet time. We all need a place to go that is quiet. A place to getaway from all the noise, stress and hurriedness. Jesus would always leave the crowds and go somewhere quiet and pray to His Father. We need a quiet place to go to regularly pray and listen to our Heavenly Father. Life is always too fast, too loud, and too busy to spend time with God. It requires that we have a place to go to check out, get quiet, and calm our minds and our thinking. Clear our minds of all distractions. Billy Graham once said His greatest times in life were his quiet times, fellowship, and prayer time with God. That’s where he found his peace, stayed purposed, got answers to tough questions, grew his faith, and renewed his strength and confidence in Jesus Christ. He says it kept him grounded. It kept Jesus grounded also. Do you have a quiet place? Do you make prayer time with God a priority?

Think of your life being in a boat navigating the many twisting turns of the weather at sea each day. Sometimes the ocean is as calm as a lake. Other times it’s raging like a hurricane. And sometimes it’s just choppy, rough, and aggravating. Life is the same way. It’s up and down, sideways, and most of the time very busy. We need God in our lives each day. We need quiet time, time to reflect, and time to get out of the choppy waters and into a calm still port. Find a quiet place where you can meet with God on a regular basis. Make it a priority.

God anchors us to His truth, understanding and great wisdom. It’s impossible to live the Godly life He’s called us to live without a regular personal prayer life with Jesus Christ. Find your quiet place today. Spend time with God. Rest your mind, body, soul and spirit. Get renewed, refreshed, and probably redirected. The world pulls us one way and God pulls us in the exact opposite other way. Who are you following? Who are you listening to? Who’s influencing you? Let God do the directing, guiding and leading. Get to calm waters and be still, listen and meditate on what He says. God says this; be still and know that I am God. Stop fighting, calm down and cease striving.

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