Brand New Day

Everyday we wake up it’s a brand new day with brand new opportunities, challenges, and new decisions to be made. Our lives unfold day by day and each new day we must be equipped to handle every and all situations. As Christians, we must stay connected daily to God in Prayer, His Word, and The Holy Spirit. Start each day off talking to God about the decisions and choices that are ahead and ask Him to go before you and help you make wise, smart, and solid decisions. Ask Him for strength, humility, patience, wisdom and confidence, and encouragement for the day. Decisions shape our lives. Make sure God is in all of your decisions (especially big ones) because your decisions today will determine your destiny tomorrow. God wants us to follow Him; His ways, His purposes, His Plans. But it’s up to us to choose and decide to follow His plans, seek His advice, and be extremely patient and careful with our decisions. Everyday is really important because it sets up and shapes our futures. Everyday, start off following God and don’t let up throughout the day. Every decision, every direction, every event ask God to help you, guide you and and direct you. Get it right! Your destiny depends on it.

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