God’s Direction

A sailor uses a compass to guide him at sea. A pilot uses electronic instruments to navigate in the clouds. Most of us all use GPS in our cars to direct us to our desired destinations. Christians use The Holy Spirit to guide them in the right directions in life. Life requires some navigational tools. Without it you can make really bad decisions and unwise choices. God allowed these tools to be created to help us all get from one point to the other safely and secure. But they all have one thing in common; you have to follow the directions. When you don’t, things are guaranteed not to go the way you planned. The Holy Spirit lives inside of every believer. It’s there to guide us, direct us, warn us, and encourage us. And just like with any other guiding device, if you do not listen to it or take its advice, your life can go off course, be devastating and sometimes even deadly. Navigational devices are helpful and created to help us get to our destinations correctly, timely, and safely. When we use these tools properly, things go well. God gave His children the Holy Spirit to help us navigate through life. He knew we were going to need it. Without prayer, The Holy Spirit, and The Word on a regular and consistent basis, it’s impossible to stay connected and grounded on Gods purposes, plans, and will for your life. Life will get messy, unfocused, fleshly, inconsistent and dirty. The Holy Spirit is there to help us. Start connecting daily with God through His Holy Spirit and stay focused, determined, encouraged and heading in the right direction. The Holy Spirit’s job is to help us reach our destination, destiny and purpose each day. The Holy Spirit directs, guides, and helps us stay focused on God’s plans, purposes and will for our lives. Navigate life wisely and get to know your chief navigator. God is your chief navigator and His purpose is to help you navigate your life towards- His ways, His plans, His guidance, and His directions. Navigate life with God and watch Him navigate your life toward many great and mighty opportunities, plans, and directions you never dreamed of!

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