Worry And Concern

Worry and concern are two different things. Being concerned about things is wise, smart, and good. But worrying about everything is not good. God calls it Sin. When we worry about everything we’re not trusting God for anything. God expects us to trust Him, Have faith in Him, and know that He has promised to turn our negative situations into positive situations over time. When we worry, we are not trusting God. Perfect Faith says; God can move this mountain, He will move this mountain, and I know He has already moved this mountain. Don’t worry about the little stuff. God has got it all under control. He just wants us to trust Him, obey Him, and leave everything else up to Him.

Today, worry less and trust Him more. We should always remember, Our God is supernatural, all powerful, and all knowing. Sometimes we think things are too big for Him because we put Him in our sphere. But He doesn’t work in our spheres nor does He think in our spheres. He is way above us in His works, His ways, and His plans. We see a problem. He already knows the solution. We see a challenge. He sees an opportunity to grow our faith. We see the natural. He does the supernatural. We think things are impossible. He says all things are possible through Him. God says this in Isaiah 55:8- “My ways are not your ways and my thoughts are not your thoughts. As the Heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.” Are your trusting God? If you see all your challenges and trials through your own eyes, they sometimes look overwhelming and impossible. But that should be the time where we look at our difficulties through the lens of God’s Throne. Nothing is too hard for Him and nothing is too big for Him. Give it to Him, trust Him with it, and lay it down and let Him work out the details. He will do it. Trust God, be obedient to His will and leave all the consequences to Him. Next time you look at your circumstances as impossible, never ending, and unfixable, remember who is in control. Remember who is supernatural. Remember who has promised to work all things for your good. Remember who does miracles, heals, fixes, and protects us. Don’t ever look at your problems in your strength. Look at everything through Gods strength, might, power and promises. He’s got you covered.

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