Don’t Be A Critical Person

Becoming a critical person is easy to do at times especially when things are going wrong with us. When we are not happy we tend to blast, cut down, and talk about others. It’s all to build us up and make us look better. Critical people are hard, angry, vindictive and cruel. They build themselves up by cutting others down. But God says don’t judge others, but if you do, you yourself will be judged more than you judge other people. Understand what incites criticism and you will probably think twice about entertaining it next time it comes up. It’s a lack of self esteem, negative feelings, and pride. Next time you catch yourself judging, criticizing, and talking about others, remember where it comes from. You may need to be critiquing your own heart, your own ways, and your own thinking rather than criticizing someone else’s ways. If we look at ourselves honestly and truthfully, we all have enough to worry about with our own actions, character, and behavior. Do we even have time to criticize someone else when we have a big thorny log in our own eye? If you find yourself becoming more and more critical, it’s you, not the other person that needs help. God calls us to be encouragers, to lift people up, and bless others.

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