Focus On God

Stay focused on God each day. Live life day by day and don’t look too far into the future. Plans seem to change a lot when you do. I wonder sometimes if that is God saying “wait on me, slow down, I direct paths and future plans”. Planning is good and responsible as long as you stay open to better plans or changes in your plans. Stay focused on God and you cannot lose. Live day to day, depend on Him day to day, and talk to Him day to day. He has your future in the palm of His hands and it’s a good one according to a Him. Live in peace, joy, contentment, happiness, and excitement each day knowing God has got your back, your best interests, and He is working all things out for your good each and everyday.┬áToday, stay focused on God. Start your day off with God, remember Him all throughout the day, and give Him praise and thanks before you go to sleep at night. Praise Him, worship Him, and give Him thanks everyday! He is an awesome God who loves you very much, works on your behalf each day, and sends blessings your way all the time. Remind yourself how blessed you are. Count your many blessings today.

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