Handling Criticism

We should all ask God to help us discern constructive criticism vs mean and hurtful criticism. If it’s constructive, we should try our very best to fix the problem. If it’s meant to be mean and hurtful than we should just hear the person out, don’t lose our patience, be calm, and then just go back to what we were doing. Ask God to help us move on, forgive quickly, and keep being the person He wants us to be. All Christians are on a spiritual journey and we are either growing or going backwards. We are usually growing in some areas in our life and struggling with other areas. We are all weak in some areas and strong in other areas. Remember, it’s the weak areas that always need Gods help. Usually the strong areas take care of themselves. Know your weak areas, work on your weak areas, and ask God to help you with them. Always be humble, always work on being a better person, and always have God involved in every part of your life.

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