High On God

Florida Georgia Line has a song called H.O.L.Y. Its about a guy’s relationship with a girl. But certain words to the song are exactly what Christ did for us and how we should all feel towards Him. Do we wake up each day “high” on Christ? Are we excited about being a christian? Do we show it and share Christ with others? Do we inspire other to accept Christ and follow Him? Are we high on Jesus and what He did for us on the cross each day? Do we praise, worship and thank God each day for who He is? Listen to these words:

You’re Holy, Holy, Holy. I’m high on loving you. You make the brightest days from the darkest nights. You’re the river bank where I was baptised. Cleanse all the demons that were killing my freedoms. You’re the healing hands where it used to hurt. You’re my saving grace, you are my Church. I’m high on loving you.

Are we high on Christ each day? Do you still have that “fire burning in your heart” for what He did for you the day He saved you? Its good to reflect on our lives and think about all that God has done for us. He heals. He loves. He cleanses. He forgives. He reconstructs. He guides. He teaches. He restores. He protects. He directs. God is Holy. Worthy of our praise.

Sing to Him today. Give Him all the glory today. GOD IS HOLY, HOLY, HOLY. GET HIGH ON LOVING HIM TODAY!

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