Find Your Purpose

Looking for your purpose and real meaning in life? To find it you will need to consult with God. He is your creator, designer, and Heavenly Father. God says in Jeremiah 1:5: “I knew you before I formed you in your mothers womb. Before you were born, I set you apart.” God has the plan for your life. He created you for a purpose, a unique plan, and to love you and guide you through your life. We will never be satisfied, fulfilled or have real peace until we figure that out. God created us to love Him, serve Him, and to give Him Glory in our lives. No other plan will work. No other direction will work. No other escape will work. It will all be a big waste of time. We cannot buy, acquire or have genuine happiness, peace, joy or purpose apart from God. Only God can do that. We can chase and run and make all the decisions in the world on our own and it will not give us that true sense of peace, fulfillment, and purpose that we are searching for. Only God can give that and He backs it up in His Word. We weren’t meant to do it alone. We have a creator who has the “instruction manual to life” and who gives us birth, gives us His Word, and offers us a personal relationship with Him for guidance, knowledge, wisdom and daily direction. You want purpose? You want an exciting life plan? True fulfillment? Real peace and happiness? A deep and abiding Joy? It only comes from one place, The Lord. He created you for His purposes, His plans, His Glory. Ask God today (no matter where you are in life) for His plan. Turn your complete life over to Him and little by little He will change your life towards His purpose and plans. If you’re ready, get ready for an extraordinary, supernatural, and amazing life transformation! He will do it! Surrender your life today! He will change your life forever.

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