Trust In God

Do we really trust God? Do we really believe He’s working things out for our good each day? God blesses us and makes good things happen to us for a reason. He wants us to remember the good things He’s done for us so when tough times come we will remember He has the power to help us through that also. Psalm 78:4 says: “We will tell our children about the praiseworthy deeds of The Lord, His power, and the great wonders He has done for us.” God is all powerful, Sovereign, and mighty and can do anything He chooses to do for us. He parted the red sea with a huge wall of water on each side. He Split a rock so water would come out for His people to drink and so dried up rivers would again flow with an abundance of fresh water. He fed His people out in the wilderness with quail that just fell out of the sky. He gave them fresh mana daily. God can do the miraculous, the supernatural and great wonders in our lives. He does it everyday. Wake up each day and commit to watching Him work and record the things you see Him do each day. Keep a journal and write down each days activities. It will grow your faith and it will give you something to look back on when tough times come. You will see that God has always been there for you and He has always had your best interest even when you made some bad decisions. God says this about wavering faith: James 1:6- “But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like the waves of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.” That person should not expect anything from The Lord. 
Each day is a new day. Believe God is who He is. Trust Him with all you heart, mind, soul and strength. Don’t give in to lies, doubts, worries and fears. Live the bold, courageous, and extraordinary life through total faith and belief in God and His Son Jesus Christ. Life a life of extraordinary faith each day and you’ll live a life of extraordinary abundance and fulfillment. God is working for our good each day and He has many blessings stored up for us. He’s promised you and I He is working all things for our good. That’s everything for our good! We must only believe Him. Believe Him today! Believe Him for what He has done in the past for you. Believe Him that today is going to be an extraordinary day. A day of great blessings, peace, fulfillment and joy.

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