Conviction Or Condemnation

Conviction or condemnation? Many Christians live their entire lives feeling condemned and not good enough for God’s expectations of them. They never feel like they really measure up. They can never do enough for God and they feel like they always come up short with Him. Many Christians get on the “works” package and not the “relationship” package. His love is based on how good they are and what they do for others. That’s called “score card living” and that’s not at all the way God designed us to live.

The truth of the matter is none of us can completely live up to God’s Holy standards because we all have sin natures and were all going to fall short sometimes and do some things we shouldn’t do. But we should never feel like we are unworthy or worthless in the eyes of God. We should not feel condemned or dirty, or filthy when we sin but we should feel convicted. When we’re living for God, He will convict us when we do things we should not be doing. But He does not condemn. God says loud and clear in His Word to us: “Wherever sin is, my grace is there also and it is sufficient.” On the other hand, Our enemy condemns us. Don’t live a condemned, ashamed, and never good enough life. Its a lie! Its the devil! God loves you just the way you are and He has awesome plans for your life and His goal is to mold your entire being into the attributes of His Son Jesus Christ. Each day to be more and more like Christ. Not the Perfect Christ but the attributes of Christ.

Always remember this very important truth about God: The Holy Spirit convicts. Encourages. Guides. Corrects. The devil is the condemner- he condemns, tells you you are a failure, never good enough, tells you there is no future, and always questions God’s goodness to you and me in our minds. He is a liar. Don’t live a condemned life. Live a life that says this: I am The Lord’s. Everyday I am trying to do the right things. I may fall but I’m getting right back up. I will continue in my race God has for me. I will press forward looking towards the many great things God has in store for my future. And finally, when God sacrificed His Son on The Cross for me, that showed me right there just how much He loved me. For that very reason, I will always be forgiven of my sins when I ask God to forgive me. God’s grace never gives up, empties out, or says no. God will convict and challenge us but He will never condemn us. God never gives up on His children… NEVER.

God convicts us and restores us. The enemy condemns and destroys us. 

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