Quick Decisions

Pressure, anxiety, anxiousness, and impatience all have one thing in common. They are emotions that can direct us to make quick and irrational decisions. The decisions we make, not only impact us, but impact others around us. Our decisions direct our futures and our destiny. I’m reminded just this week of 3 young girls, who more than likely made a quick and irrational decision to drink and drive and it ended up taking all three of their lives. Three separate families have lost their little girls in a blink of an eye. Three families that will never be the same. Three little girls gone forever. God has a lot to say about making quick, irrational, and pressured decisions. Don’t do it! Most of the time they don’t turn out the way we think they will. Life makes us wait on many things that are out of our control. Maybe that’s part of the reason, psychologically, we make quick decisions when its in our power to do so. None of us like to wait. We all want things and we want them now. We like instant gratification. We like the thought of controlling our destiny. But God tells us to wait. He tells us to think things through. He tells us to learn the attribute of being patient. Why? Because He knows quick, unthought-out decisions are going to get us in trouble. Being patient with our daily decision making brings us clarity. It gives us time to see both sides of the situation.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf put it this way: “Patience is the ability to put our desires on hold for a time. Patience is a very rare and precious commodity.” God says the patient man or woman is full of wisdom. Be wise. Slow down on your decisions. Think it all through. Pray about it. Your decisions today will effect your life tomorrow. Practice the art of being patient each day. The more we practice, the better you and I will become, the smoother our lives will become. Remember, your decisions today will determine your present and future destiny. Lets Wake up each day and ask God to help us be more patient, more careful, and more wise in making our decisions. Put it in play today! He will do it!

Finally, here’s what God says about those who desire His help, His advice, and His wisdom: “If any of my children lack wisdom they should ask me. I give generously to all without finding fault. I will give you the wisdom you need” -James 1:5. Lean on God for Answers. Proverbs 3:5 tells us to trust in The Lord with all our heart, mind, souls and strength. Do not lean on our own understanding. I will say that again- do not lean on our own understanding says The Lord. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He promises to direct our paths. Do it Today. Trust God Now. 

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