God Knows What’s Best

Is our happiness and peace based on what God does or does not do for us? When things seem to be going wrong or we don’t get our way do we get mad with God? Its really easy to base our relationship with God on what He does or doesn’t do for us. As Christians, we should try to get to the fact as quickly as possible that God is Sovereign, He’s in control, and He knows what’s best for our lives. Our prayers may not always get answered on our time frames or the way we would like for them to be answered but He is answering them in His way and in His timing. God knows what’s best for you and I. God says He sends rain on the just and unjust. Sometimes life gets very challenging. God will teach us something in every circumstance and situation we get in. We can grow our faith in good and bad times. Know today God’s got your back, He’s protecting, guiding and leading, and showing you the best ways. Stay in peace and know that He is God. He promises Good to us in every situation. Give Him time to work things out His way. You’ll be glad you did.

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