A friend has the word PRAY tattooed on his hand.

He figures that without seeing it every day, he might forget. What a tragedy that would be. For him, it would be like removing a breathing tube.


We are vulnerable, dependent, and fickle, not nearly as strong as we think we are.


When Jesus left us here, He assured us that He was not abandoning us like orphans. He was not deserting us to a life of wandering- aimless, directionless, rudderless, and lost, searching for Him, wondering where He was.


Instead, He invited us to a life fully connected to Him- the way branches stay connected to a vine in order to give them life.


“Now the end of all things is near; therefore, be serious and disciplined for the sake of your prayers.”

(1 Peter 4:7)

Catch the logic: things are ending here, so stay connected. Don’t take your eyes off of Him. 

Stay connected, now more than ever.


“I am the vine; you are the branches. The one who remains in Me and I in him produces much fruit, because you can do nothing without Me” (John 15:5).


Nothing of eternal significance.

Not “little,” or “minimal.”

Not “You’ve done some stuff but you could do so much more connected to Me…”



Is prayer important?

Years later, the Apostle Peter would write a letter to those of us still here today:

-the one Jesus nominated leader of the new movement

-the one Jesus mentored and trained

-the one Jesus reinstated

-the one who had tried doing things in Jesus’ name, without staying connected.


This is the same Peter who fell asleep while Jesus prayed. He had learned about the breathing tube. He had learned that nothing he would set his hand to would ultimately succeed if he hadn’t first prayed.


May we learn the same.


If we really knew-

if we could see behind the scenes, if we could look behind the curtain, from this side of Eternity into the other-

what happens when we pray,



This takes discipline, Peter tells us. Discipline to fight back distractions, to remain focused.

But if all our abilities rest on this single focus,

then “for the sake of our prayers,”

let us pray.


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