“Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest…”

Matthew 11:28


O Great God, give us rest.

Rest from worry. Anxiety. Panic and stress.


Give us minds that do not constantly race. That do not endlessly analyze and overanalyze.

That do not dig and relentlessly think.



What is it that I spend all my time thinking about?

What is it that keeps me awake at night?

Can you write it out?

Can you lay it down?


Notice in the verse above that Jesus does not say “Stop worrying.”

He instead invites us into His presence.

“Come to Me,” He whispers.

Simple and childlike. Yet in all our striving and wrestling and self-assurance, we struggle to heed this one single command.

What would it look like today for us to draw close to Him?

To go to Him? To experience rest?


If we could learn to just lay down our stuff…

-our fears

-our worries

-our anxieties

and let God love us, wouldn’t we pretty nearly be in heaven?

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