Jesus, Greater Still

“In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days He has spoken to us by His Son…” (Hebrews 1:1).

Whoever wrote the book of Hebrews understood the all-surpassing worth of Christ. The book is committed to describing the His supremacy. Even in its opening line the author communicates the idea of all forms of past revelation in comparison to Him.

In the past, God spoke through many

-prophets (1:1)

-angels (1:5-13)

-Moses (3:1-6)

-high priests (4:14-5:5; 8)

-Melchizedek (5:6-14; 7)

-covenants (8)

-tabernacles (9:1-10)

-ancestors (11)

-Sinai (12:18-29).

Despite all these various forms of revelation, God finally and ultimately sent His Son. To get the message across.

Jesus is greater than every person in the Old Testament. Jesus is greater than the sacrificial system of the Old Testament. Jesus is greater than every person, practice, policy, and procedure in the Old Testament.

Jesus is the greatest of God’s revelation of Himself to a broken, confused world.

But that’s not it—

How did this Greatest Revelation choose to reveal Himself to that same world after He left?

What is the organism this Revelation put in place to be the Revelation of Himself from now until His return?

Jesus, the Greatest of all Revelations, chose the Church to be the bearers of His Revelation.

When you serve on a Sunday morning, when you work with babies, or children, or teenagers, or college students…

When you play a guitar, or a keyboard, or an egg shaker…

When you put on a bright orange vest to help park cars…

You bear His image. You are His ongoing Revelation. You are part of His plan to redeem a lost world, because you reveal to people the greatest Revelation of all, namely Christ.

And if you are a Christ follower, He has chosen you and called you to be a part of how He reveals Himself going forward.

Can there be any greater privilege?

The God of the universe, whose infinite greatness is barely revealed by an infinite universe, looked down and chose little tiny you to bear His image.

What if you viewed your day today through that lens?

Who can you point to King Jesus?

The Greatest of All Revelations.

All of Eternity beckons you. Because you’re bearing His image, and revealing Christ to a broken world.

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