Christmas Reflections, Day 1: Trapped in the Mundane

The most unusual character in the Christmas story is God Himself.

God, allowing His Son, the most glorious and radiant in history, be born into obscurity and poverty.

God, who chose the moteliest of crus for the telling of the story.

From dusty Zechariah, withered and boney and dry, half an inch from extinction when God called him to be the father of the forbearer.

Whose understandable shock results in un-understandable muteness.

Because God doesn’t see Himself as late to the party. Or anything, for that matter. Time is His creation, it answers to Him. The idea of His waiting years to bless the beggarly Elizabeth doesn’t seem cruel or tardy. Its happening when it does is what makes it on time, because this is when He chose to do it.

God, who repeatedly seeks out Elizabeth’s, senior adults whose surrender to barrenness occurs years prior, people whose childbearing years are far behind them. Ladies content to partner with younger moms. To play Mrs. Doubtfire to someone else’s Sally Field. Hers is a role of partnership, not ownership.

This strange, unusual God has a knack for the clutch. His arrival is so late in the game, it’s as if He is waiting to see if His players will break. If they will crack and laugh, so He can playfully call them on it (Genesis 17:17; 18:12-13).

God, who could have chosen any married Mary, but instead purposefully selected one unwed and unprepared. Unassuming. And not content to simply have her pregnant without a husband, He gives her the challenge of having to travel ninety miles. By foot. While pregnant.

Ninety miles by foot and nine months pregnant.

For this story, He uses roughnecks as witnesses, the elderly as parents, the unmarried as surrogates. People whose lives are all moving in a direction, whose fates all had been sealed, whose eyes all are locked upon the mundane. No dreams or aspirations of anything beyond what they are already experiencing

Because that is what this most unusual God does.

There are no instructions to His casting call. No adjectives for His auditions. No prayers to pray, no spells to cast, no lamps to rub, no words to recite.

This God has an affinity for the downcast. Those trapped in the mundane. Those whose lives are resigned to monotony. Those who move forward, one foot in front of the other, despite the lack of finesse in the journey, or the mirage of promise somewhere down the path.

People who day after day stay faithful to the path they are on.

For them He bends. He stoops in close and breathes in deep. He exhales His fiery life back into the clay of their existences.


Are you trapped in the mundane?

Do you believe what you are doing day in and day out doesn’t matter?

Christmas reminds us to hold on- you may be on the verge of a miracle…

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