The View From Nebo: Part 2

Deuteronomy 34:1-12

Moses’ morning at the top of that mountain allowed him to retrace the steps that led him to Nebo. To see the hand of Sovereignty that led him all that way. To chuckle at God’s great divinity in the mundane.

God knew, at every point in the journey, what Moses needed most for each next chapter. He knew what to give him that would develop in him that trait.  And how giving him just that would turn him into the person He’d intended him to be in preparation for each next chapter.


In Egypt, he saw a boy in the lap of luxury, surrounded by the riches of the world, hobnobbing with the political elite. He said:

“Boy, you’ve got some great contacts, but you don’t have any humility. Here’s 40 years of sheep.”


Then, after 40 years of sheep, at the epicenter of political controversy, with all eyes on him, Moses felt like somebody again. To his great eagerness to see things moving, God said:

“Boy, you’ve got humility, but now you need patience. Here’s 40 years of wandering.”


And even after 40 years of sheep and wandering, Moses had humility and patience, but lacked the perspective with which to put it all together.

So God led him to a mountaintop. Because in looking back, he’d be able to see the sovereignty that led him there, and gain some perspective.


Perspective only comes by way of Experience.

Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.

Character is built by how you respond to your experiences.

Add in Time, you’ll gain Perspective.


Moses didn’t know his own story. We can read it from start to finish, but Moses couldn’t.


Moses didn’t know his own story and you don’t know yours.


Moses had just learned over the years to keep following that Cloud by day and that Fire by night.

And not to get rattled by the chapters, but instead to follow, to let God tell the story.


Don’t you think that’s why God kept his eyesight clear? What an unusual detail in verse 7, unless God intended Moses to see the paths that led him to Nebo:

Chambers says that only on looking back over the path of obedience do we realize what God has been doing all along, for God sanctifies memory. When we obey, it all becomes clear, so that looking back we can say with a chuckle of confidence, ‘He doeth all things well.’ Before us there is nothing, but overhead there is God, and we have to trust Him.


One day you will be on top of your mountain.

What will you see when you look back? When you see all your paths, and the culmination of all your chapters? What if the story He is telling is epic, and He just needs you to trust Him right now? Can you trust Him to get your story right?


God’s involvement in our lives is often obvious when we look back. The trick is believing He is involved right now.


Whatever chapter you are in, what if this one is preparing you for the next?


It’s going to be a good story.

How do I know?


“Because we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them” (Romans 8:28).

Whatever you’re going through, it’s just a chapter. One day that chapter will be a part of your story. It’s going to be a good story. We know this.


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