The View From Nebo: Part 1

Deuteronomy 34:1-12

The author tells us Moses was sitting at the top of that mountain that day looking over the Promised Land.

I think he was overlooking his past. The long road that God had used to lead him to where he was, to a life used so greatly by Him, to the extent that his caption would read “There has never been another prophet in Israel like Moses, whom the Lord knew face to face” (Dt. 34:10).

Moses’ story contained four major chapters: Egyptian Prince, Outlaw Shepherd, Freedom Fighter, Professional Wanderer.

In all this he had been guided by God, though he did not know it. When he was in the wilderness tending sheep, or arguing back with burning bushes, or striking rocks with walking sticks, he never knew where he was in his story, or even that he was in a story.

We can never see God at work in the present. It’s always in the past.


What if you are in a story?

What if there is the divine hand of sovereignty guiding your every step?

What if around this next turn is the part where God uses you fiercely for His Kingdom?

What if, by continuing to follow, you are building a reputation of being someone the Lord knows face to face?

How would you like that as your epitaph?


Don’t sell out. Don’t give up. Don’t settle short.

We almost always overestimate what we are capable of in the short run, and underestimate what God is capable of through us in the long run, with a life of total surrender to Him.


I believe that sitting at the top of the mountain that day, more than just watching the nation he led take the Promised Land, Moses was retracing the steps that led him to Nebo, seeing the hand of Sovereignty that led him all the way, and chuckling at God’s great divinity in the mundane.

Each chapter grafted in him the quality he would need most for the next.


Maybe He is doing that with you.

What if you lived today with that in mind?

Circumstances, situations, difficulties, conflicts, these would instead be viewed as opportunities, right?

Opportunities placed intentionally in your path by the Author of your story, training you for your next chapter.


So instead of complaining, embrace them.

And keep walking.

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